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Marvin Ambrosius was born in Liverpool and moved with his Mother, Father and Sister to London at 2 years old. Attending nursery, Primary and Secondary school, finishing his GSCE’s in London, Marvin had wanted to pursue a career as a pro Basketball athlete and started this journey through his local Basketball club ‘’Brixton Topcat’s’’ shortly after the move. Marvin showed promise of becoming one of the best basketball players in the country and he did just that by the the age of 10! Marvin made the under 15s England team at 13 years old. He was the youngest player for England, a shooting guard and also played the point guard position. Marvin continued to play for Brixton Topcats winning their first championship together in 1996 against The London Towers, their division rivals. But during the years between 13 and 17 he had had to overcome a lot of serious injuries, fracturing both his right and left ankle.

Because of Marvin’s reoccurring injuries, he was forced to assess his career choice especially after the knee injury forcing him to take a back seat for 10 months. During this time period, he found his other love and creative freedom, Music. But as Marvin was harnessing his new craft in song writing he decided to join an agency for featured and extra work called ‘Casting collective’, Immediately Marvin got a featured role in a Nike commercial playing basketball and acting for the first time. He then went on to sign monthly contracts for other featured Movies and shows such as ‘The Mummy Returns’ and the HBO hit ‘Wits’. The biggest change of Marvin’s life was when he met his future wife Stephanie on a British Airways shoot. They were inseparable and have been together ever since. Whilst acting Marvin built up his catalogue enough to start looking for a publishing deal.

FitFreaks Trainer Marvin before Marvin wanted to pursue a career in music, not as a performer but as a songwriter finding his creative niche. So after 1 year of perfecting his song writing skills, he signed an exclusive publishing deal with ZTT publishing known for signing Pet Shop Boys, Mark Morrison, Gabrielle, Seal and many others. Marvin was building his song-writing catalogue during that time and ended up having around 200 songs, a few of them were taken by artists such as Angie Stone, Alesha Dixon and his sister Marsha.

Due to countless hours in music studios, there was very little time for physical activities. Excessive weight gain began and within a 2 year period, Marvin had put on 5 Stone. He was still very happy with his career choice but because of his previous career in Basketball and the massive aesthetic change, friends and family would comment on his weight gain which made him more aware of his transformation.

In 2004, Marvin and his Wife to be were expecting their first child and that’s when it hit home. Marvin didn’t want to be a father that couldn’t run and play and be the role model he wanted to be for his first born so he decided to shed the 5 stone and be the man he once was. Finding his previous steps to healthy diet and workout regime, Marvin gradually lost the weight. Marvin's career in music slowing down and knowing he was about to be a father, he did the responsible duty in committing to a 9-5 job and managed to maintain his newfound healthy lifestyle and stability. A surprising music venture would land Marvin a new publishing deal with Reverb music and in that time, he co-wrote his first number 1 hit ‘’Wrong Number’’ Toshinki, one time most popular Japanese boy-band. With the success of the record, Marvin assumed the work would come flooding through but unfortunately it never happened so Marvin decided to get a full time job as a Sales and Marketing specialist at BskyB broadcasting. Marvin really enjoyed his new role and became an ambassador for Sky TV. For 7 years, Marvin evolved throughout his career at Sky by upskilling and landed secondary roles in different areas of the business. Again, the adjustment of career change he hit a wall of comfortability and gained weight and doubted his place at Sky.

Soon to be married, Marvin really wanted to look his best for his Fiancé Stephanie and decided to do something once and for all about his weight.

FitFreaks Trainer Marvin before
Marvin started Hitt training in one of the studios and was slowly followed by a high number of employees at Sky teaching regular lunch time sessions. He got so hooked on his lunch time training, he decided to take it to the next level and had a meeting with the gym manager about becoming an instructor in the Sky gym.

Marvin’s wife Stephanie was the anchor to help building his confidence by supporting him through booking gyms and promoting classes outside of Sky. She managed to get 2 secured classes a week which had great responses and gave Marvin the confidence he needed to go to the next level.

After a successful run of packed classes in and outside of the Sky gym, Marvin decided to take his training to another level and contacted his long term friend Leon Marshall who is a successful Sports science lecturer and Level 2-4 CYQ teacher.

Leon convinced Marvin to take his career to another level and he encouraged him to take the level 2 course and progress to level 3. Having the support of both family and friends made his determination to succeed even stronger.

After completing his Level 3 Personal training course, Marvin applied for a full time position in the new Sky Health & Fitness centre as a Lifestyle Advisor and was successful with his application.

Officially, Marvin is now a Personal Trainer, naturally fitting into his new role and applying all of what he had learned and continued to grow as an instructor and personal trainer.

Marvin had an idea for a Fitness App that would help people at all levels of fitness and mentioned it to one of his colleagues who had been attending his classes for the past year. They offered to partner up and develop the idea to build the fitness App. Shortly after that conversation, a meeting was scheduled and in that meeting, Fit-in-5 was born.

Every day there is a new challenge, whether that’s being a Father, Husband, Brother, Sister, Daughter, Son, Cousin, Friend etc... we all fall into the same category… We all want to feel good about ourselves.

Fit in 5 is now Live and Marvin is ready to help you become the best version of yourself.