Fit Freaks

The fitness team dedicated to making you the best version of yourself by helping you to achieve your fitness goals

What is Fit Freaks?

We created Fit Freaks to inspire people to live a happier, healthier, more active lifestyle. We believe that combining technology, innovation in fitness techniques and phycology allows us to empower, inspire and teach you how to achieve all your fitness goals and live a more fulfilling and productive life. We have dedicated ourselves to helping you becoming the best version of yourself whatever that may be. We are a team, we are a culture, we are a movement, we are a fitness revolution


Fit In 5

Fit In 5 is the short workout series available on Sky TV to help you to get fit starting with just 5 mins a day. We created Fit In 5 with the aim to promote a healthy lifestyle with a minimum amount of time out of your day. Marvin Ambrosius is a certified Insanity instructor who has created his own short but intense fitness routines that that even professional athletes can get something out of. Fit in 5 was created especially for those who can’t find the time to work out. It’s designed to focus on key muscle groups for just 5 minutes which will give you total muscular balance ensuring that all muscle groups are being used to help tone and sculpt your body, help you lose weight, increase your fitness and improve your health.

Fit Coach

The personalised fitness programme designed around you to give you the quickest results for your fitness goals

Fitfreaks one day Retreat experience

Due to popular demand we are having a taster day to highlight what to expect at the full retreat 


The Fit In 5 fitness app

All your Fit In 5 workouts in one place. Download them to your tablet or your phone and enjoy a quick workout any where you go

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